Device Treatments

To be included in bespoke facials or taken as a stand alone treatment if recommended

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Micro - Current - £30 per half hour lifting massage

Using conductive  gloves a Micro-current massage is directed within the skin and muscle alongside anti ageing conductive gels to give a lifted effect by stimulating the muscles, which then also translates  to outer skin health as well.  Results are lifted, plumped, refreshed and energised. A visible lift can be seen immediately. A course is needed for lasting effects on facial structure. Should be part of combination therapy for best results. 

Radio Frequency - £30 per half hour 

Using a radio Frequency device,  radio waves are used to tighten and lift the skin. A warming device is applied to the skin and offered as part of a facial or as a stand alone course of treatments to create a healthier tone and texture with a lifted effect. A course is recommended for best results. 

High Frequency - £30 per half an hour. 

Using a device that uses argon (Violet)  and neon (red ray) gas to create two different stimuli for the skin. This produces a mild electrical current that either stimulates anti-ageing and healing or kills bacteria and is anti inflammatory. Can be used as part of a facial or taken as a course of treatments. 

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LED Mask - £15 per half an hour


Using mainly blue and red light therapy LED is known to stimulate cell growth and repair skin. Used after treatments it can be used to calm skin, kill bacteria, regulate sebum production and  lessen redness with blue light. The red light is known to have a plumping and repairing affect on the skin. This is used to normalise skin conditions and help with healing. Best used as part of a treatment. 

Dual Iontophoresis (Environ Device)  - £30 per half an hour.


Using sonic waves and ionic charge this device pushes peptides and serums into the skin further by 40% with no needles. Plumping rejuvenation and bio signals for skin health are an important part of building healthier more youthful skin. The stimulation of blood flow and electrical charge all create younger more hydrated skin. 


Electroporation (using Plasma device with electroporation heads) - £60 for 1 hour with specialist vial of serum. 

Using tiny nitrogen sparks to stimulate the surface of the skin, creating slight erythema. We then swap the head to a smooth tip to create an ionic charge. This pushes repair cocktails that organise collagen fibres and intense healing serums into the skin like micro needling without needles or pain. The treatment improves permeation by 40%. Skin is plumper,  smoother, healthier and more hydrated. This treatment is amazing to accompany radio frequency, micro-needling or plasma fibroblast. Can be part of a facial or taken as a course. 

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