Esse Probiotic Facial

£50 for 45 minute

£65 for 1 hour

£75 for 90 minutes

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Using natural oils and probiotics,  Esse invites you to "Rewild your skin". My most spa like products with incredible delicate scents and probiotics for the skins natural defences, and powerful anti-ageing abilities. These wonderful products use the skin defence rebuilding ingredient with billions of strains of good bacteria and prebiotics to restore skin health naturally. This one is for the nature and scent lovers with all being nearly 100% organic and natural, cruelty free (like all my main products) and vegan. 

Sensitive skin cleanse with lactic acid

Sensitive skin defence toner

Enzyme exfoliant

Omega mask

Probiotic facial massage cream 

Probiotic ampoule treatment 

Skin nourishing  moisturiser

Ice globe, jade roller or gua sha massage included. 


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