Micro-needling with collagen induction

Starts at £40 (for some smaller areas)

This treatment is truly one of my most popular and effective treatments. The down time is minimal and the benefits are huge. Tiny micro needles are used with a micro-needling device to create micro channels in the skin and a specialist serum of collagen creating serums are micro-needled into the skin. I have 3 different types of incredible collagen inducing serums and the skin is lightly numbed if wanted (not necessary) depending on the area you want rejuvenating. We love a full face of rejuvenation.  3 treatments recommended minimum. 


Deep and fine lines


Sun damage

Skin laxity

Skin tone

Skin texture

Skin hydration

Skin plumpness






After 3 treatments skin has visibly restored health and vitality. More is recommend for targeted issues. But once you have created new collagen and elastin through the action of microneedling and serums.... it lasts! You have effectively turned back time for your skin. But a good programme of decent skincare and protection is absolutely necessary for lasting results. Only 1 or 2 may be needed in the future per year after you chosen course of 3, 5 or 8. Discounts for multi buys can be discussed. 

Areas that can be treated: Face and body. All dependant on consultation.

Collagen Serums used:

Clinicare EGF Collagen induction (epidermal growth factor) - starts at £90 for face and neck.

Genosys EGF peptides - starts at £70 for face only

AnteAGE Growth Factor and Cytokine Solution - starts at £120 for face only. £250 (dependant on level of aftercare chosen).

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