Plasma Fibroblast

Starts at £120

Plasma Fibroblast is a more invasive technique used for serious lifting and tightening of the skin. It also removes moles, milia, and sun spots. We can also seriously resurface the skin with a plasma peel. These results are incredible.  Using the world's number one Plasma device,  all areas of the face and body will be lifted and skin laxity improved by around 30% each time you have a treatment. 

There is a bit of downtime with this.  The most popular areas are eye lifts and Jowl lifts but can be applied to any part of the face or body. This is one of my most popular and produces results that are "off the charts" for rejuvenation and well worth consideration if you have ever considered surgery. Come for a consultation for Plasma fibroblast instead.  

Plasma Peel and Skin Rejuvenation Therapy- £190 

7 to 10 days downtime (not pain)  for lifted, clearer more even skin tone and smoother texture. Fine lines improved by 20%. Amazing for scarring, rosacea and acne too. 



Upper eye and brow lift - £350 

Upper Eye Lid Lift - £250 

Under Eyes - £270 

Full Eye rejuvenation, upper and lower with brow lift - £700 

Pucker lines - £230 

Pucker lines and smile lines - £380

Pucker lines, smile lines,  marionette lines - £480

Full Lower facial rejuvenation with Jowl Lift - £700


Whole face lift - £1100

Neck Lift -£600

Whole face and neck lift - £1400

Mummy Tummy (arm lift, thigh skin revision) - starts at £400 depending on size of area being treated. 

Scar revision - starts at £150 then £30 per scar . Discussed on consultation. 

Mole removal - starts at £120 then £20 per extra mole

Milia Removal - starts at £100. 

Skin tag removal - starts at £120 then £20 per skin tag

Sun spot removal - Starts at £120 then £20 per Sun spot.

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