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01 about

Josie Walsh is a fully qualified dermal therapist with over 15 years experience.  Based in Chester CH1, Josie specialises in non surgical procedures and skin revision. 

JW Clinic Privé will offer the latest clinical procedures for anti aging, textural issues, stretch marks, scars and skin conditions.


02 our treatments

All of the treatments listed below are subject to consultation and a treatment plan is usually a combination therapy to target all area's of ageing alongside  a bespoke skin care plan. All issues are taken into consideration and are discussed in depth to adapt to individuals who are as unique as their skin

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All of these products and facials are customisable and very interchangeable with all devices and treatments.  In fact, it's recommended. 

The whole menu of treatments and facials targets the specific age related parts of your skin you want to rejuvenate. They work together.  Sub- Dermal, Dermal and Epidermal. Book a consultation with me today and we can pick the best way forward for you to use your own body's defences for the best skin of your life. Zero fillers, zero Botox and no surgery required .

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"Josie's understanding of skin problems is extensive. I love that she is so ethical in her practice. She has a gentle manner and it is a joy being in her company. Josie's knowledge and gentle touch has helped my skin and now I've found her, I'm not leaving!"

Irene xx


04 the clinic

At JW Clinic Privé all rejuvenation techniques are filler and Botox free, non-invasive and non surgical. Josie has worked with skin for over 15 years and completely understands how the skin ages and which treatments target every area of ageing. JW Clinic Privé specialises in sensitive skin conditions and guidance on how to handle them. Josie believes that tackling inflammation itself is anti ageing and a step towards healthier skin. 


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